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shots that were used for back pain. most have a rare fungal form of meningitis. a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts made this steroid. federal officials are now investigating this case. >>> federal agents arrested a 21-year-old man charging that he plotted to blow up the term reserve in new york city. officials say quazi nafis was arrested yesterday morning after a sting operation. he pack adavan with what he thought were ex-- packed a van with what he thought were explosives and tried to detonate it from inside a hotel room. that was fake. he's being held without bail. >>> in campaign 2012, president obama and mitt romney retreated to their respective corners ever the election ring. romney promised supporters in virginia he plans to win the swing state. >> i think it's interesting with two presidential debates gone, the president still hasn't found an agenda for his second term. we have an agenda and our agenda will get this country working again. >> it was part of an effort to chip aware at northern virginia which leans strongly toward barack obama in -- leaned strongly toward ba
joins us live from college park with a preview of what's expected to happen in court today. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. these two prince george's county police officers reginald baker and james harrison have been charged with first degree assault, second degree assault, and misconduct in office for what they allegedly did on these streets over two years ago. remember the maryland men's basketball team had just beaten duke and thousands of students celebrated by partying in these streets in college park. police had said the students were rioting but students claimed the officers overreacted. in total 33 people were arrested that night but it was a video that surfaced more than a year later that changed everything and led to those indictments. this is the video taken from a dorm room window and those these to police officers beating then 22-year-old student john mckenna. at the time the officers said mckenna and another student struck the officers and injured their horses. they also said the horses kicked the student. in the video you can clearly see that never happen
. kristin fisher tracking the debate for us this morning. she's live in the satellite center trying to break it all down. these are complex issues. >> reporter: good morning. this debate was so focused on the economy that it took the candidates 45 minutes before they ever mentioned the words health care. but when they did, it was certainly one ever the more memorable exchanges of the night. lively exchanges of the night. at one point mitt romney told the president point blank that if elected, he would repeal his health care law to which the president responded by saying, but we've seen this model work really well in massachusetts. here's part of that exchange. >> i want to take the $716 billion you've cut it and put it back into medicare. by the way, we can include a prescription program. but the idea of cutting $716 billion from medicare to be able to balance the additional cost of obama care is in my opinion a mistake. with regards to young people coming along, i've got proposals to make sure medicare and social security are there for them without any question. >> if you repeal obama care
're moving east. other than straddling the mason- dixon line, i think the rest of us will see passing high clouds. temperatures in the mid-40s in the cool spots to the mid-50s in town. annapolis, southern maryland at the patuxent river naval air station. we're off to a good start in the 40s and 50s. maybe a light jacket or sweat shirt. 79 leesburg this afternoon. 78 at andrews. 6:00 a.m. here's monika with timesaver traffic and chips. >>> doritos for breakfast? i like the idea, even at 6:00 in the morning. what we're talking about is a disabled chips truck on the northbound side of route 301 here at central avenue. it's chips and dip, everybody. we're going to take a live look from our sky 9. it's a frito lay truck broken down northbound 301 at central avenue. annual dray ya says all we -- andrea says all we need now is a truck full of salsa to break down. if you're planning to head here, the left lane is blocked. stay to the right to get by. i don't think it's causing much of a delay but give yourself a few extra minutes to travel through that or use church road as your alternate route. t
pay attention. with luck it's not us and somebody else but it certainly could be the mid-atlantic as opposed to the northeast. cuba got hit overnight. jamaica got hit yesterday n. exploded from a category 1 storm yesterday morning to a category 3 storm last night for a little while. it's weakened a bit over eastern cuba but it's now over water and will likely get a little stronger or at least maintain its intensity here over the next couple of days. 63 at 9:00. clouds have moved in. 68 by noon. some sun breaking out then with more sun this afternoon and a high of about 73. big ridge of high pressure over the eastern u.s. there's a cold front out here. that's also going to play into our weather early next week with sandy coming up the coast. the cold air moving in. if everything works out, there could be snow falling in the mountains out west early next week so lots of scenarios. temperatures low to mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. we've got the fog moving in from the east so that's keeping temperatures in the lower, even mid-60s in annapolis. we're 62. let's check in wit
are the roads doing for us? >> you know, everything is good except -- look at this. all the red behind me right here. bw parkway and route 50. if you're planning to head there inside the beltway, both had accidents. inside the beltway. they're both gone but left slow traffic as you can see behind me inside the beltway on bw parkway and route 50. keep that in mind no your travel plans. the beltway is not affected. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head here on 270, normal slow stuff now forming as you leave frederick. another look at our maps. this time we'll head over to southbound side of 270 as i said. very slow and heavy through that area. we'll take a live look outside one more time and this time we're taking a look again at 270. route 109 is where you'll find your slow spot. more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >>> romney says he has a five- point plan. he doesn't have a five-point plan. he has a one-point plan. >> why am i lowering taxes? because itself last four years they've been buried. mr. president, have you looked at your pension. >> i don't look
's what you needed to do. it's surely coming in as howard has been telling us. it's going to affect our roads. everybody has planned early. if you normally use metro, while it's closed including rail bus, metro access, ride on, all those services have been suspended. we've been on the found with metro's spokesperson and he tells us they will not decide what they're going to do till tonight. if you're planning to head over on any of these roads keep in mind that those are prone to flooding and they're already shut down in parts of those three roads. now let's take a quick look outside just to show you what it looks like on the roads. it's wet and volumes are light but there are still people that need to get to work. so please give yourself the extra time you'll need to deal with conditions today. i'll have more of course throughout the morning broadcast. back to you. >>> the coast empties out as the storm moves in. as hurricane sandy sets in on rehoboth beach in delaware, businesses and residences are boarded up as people are orpded to evacuate. -- ordered to evacuate. our live team cove
. the video shows officers using their baton to hit a young man on the ground. harrison took the stand yesterday saying the young man punched another officer and refused to drop an object in his hand. that object turned out to be the man's cell phone. >>> federal investigators continue to investigation this morning whether the suspect in a plot to bomb the federal reserve in new york city has ties to al-qaeda. agents are poring over evidence confiscated from 21-year-old quazi nafis' apartment. he is charged with trying to employee up the federal reserve -- blow up the federal reserve bank in new york city. the fbi successfully thwarted his effort. if convicts, nafis faces life in prison. -- convicted in nafis faces life in prison. >>> antivirus software is easy. but that protection has become a target for scammers. and a consumer's best intentions can end up being pretty costly. steps to protect a computer and the personal information stored there. installing antivirus soft wafer and updating it on a regular basis. with that in mind, internet security experts have noticed a fast growin
are some of the high clouds south and east of us, otherwise it's clear overhead. the cool spots down in the lower 50s places like luray and even harrisonburg worst case. annapolis now down to 66 with 59 pax river and also in leesburg. sunshine all day long. temperatures about 10, maybe 12 degrees above seasonal averages in the low 80s. now with beverly farmer with the latest timesaver traffic. >>> howard, building volume on the interstates now big deals. it's the secondary roadways with issues. eastbound 66 any volume into vent civil is just that. but there's the stretch of bristow road closed in prince william countyjust north of 234 with an overturned vehicle. also fairfax county on rolling road closed that's an accident with the a ewe pill pole struck. northbound 395 your lanes are open to the 14th street bridge. a stretch of south glebe road in arlington east of 395 between arlington ridge and route 1 still going to be tied up. police are directing you around the crash there. travel on 270 southbound out of frederick the volume stretches urbanna to get past 109 and all lanes are
the cardinals 8-0. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead at game four. mike thinks it's because we let teddy win. what are the nats saying about what happened? >> reporter: nats fans are just, you know, really hoping that we can pull out a win because i tell you what, one more loss and it is all over for the team with the best record in baseball. best record doesn't mean too much when you can't get any runs against the defending world series champs in the playoffs. yesterday it was a brutal loss. it was just so frustrating to watch for fans because there were so many wasted opportunities. in the words of jason wirth, we were just one bloop away from a totally different ballgame. yesterday they left 11 men on base while getting shutout 8-0. but despite the setback, the team hasn't pushed the panic button just yet. listen. >> we lost, you know, another battle. we've got a couple more battles we need to win. >> we weren't the best team in baseball for no reason. we've got a good group of guys here. there's no doubt we believe in ourselves. >> we've done a great job all ye
. >> reporter: let's go straight over to kristen fisher with the latest. she joins us live now with that and i'm standing right where massachusetts avenue crosses the capital crescent trail in bethesda. this all happened just about a half mile away from here around 7:00. a woman 21 years old was jogging when she stopped to allow several deer to crass the trail. someone hit her on the back of the head, knocking her unconscious. and she awoke sometime later, off the trail. was able to get become on the trail and drankfully, a 40-year-old male jogger was passing by, assisted her on this address where 911 was called and police arrived. >>> the woman was taken to a hospital with a pretty serious head injury. no word on her condition this morning although she is expected to make a full recovery and still no word on whether or not she was sexually assaulted. police are trying to get a good description of the suspect. all they will say is they believe it was one man acting alone. there have been several other attacks on this trail in recent months, including three assaults and attempted robberies in t
. kristin fisher joins us live from nats park with a look ahead to game five which goes down tonight thanks to jayson werth. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i called it. what did i tell you? check out the front page of "the washington post." it's jayson werth right after the walkoff home run leaping into the arms of his teammates. look at the height on him. all that adrenalin, fans screaming for you. had to be a great feeling. moments before the picture was taken, setting the stage now, bottom of the 9th, nats tied 1- 1. jayson werth in the middle of a marathon at-bat and then on the 13th pitch, this. >> 3-2. a drive hit deep to left field. looking up way back. it's gone. >> reporter: the nats go crazy. jayson werth, hero of the night. proving why he gets paid the big bucks. all of that love from his teammates, they wanted it so bad. now we have a game five on our hands. here's jayson werth just minutes after hitting the walkoff home run. >> i was feeling pretty good going into the at-bat. i got a little -- i had a little something last night. i was sitting at home watching my boy
will join us with an update from the scene so keep it here on 9news now. >>> later today a neurologist will re-examine rg iii after he suffered a mild concussion in yesterday's game. he got drilled by sean witherspoon. griffin was able to walk off the field on his own accord, clearly shaken up. griffin did not return to the game. a neurologist examined him and diagnosed the concussion. >> wasn't sure what quarter it was, at that time when he wasn't sure what the score was, we knew he had a mild concussion, at least according to the doctors. feels good right now. a lot better right now, but that was the situation why he didn't go back into the game. >> definitely tough to watch. the redskins lost to the falcons 24-17. we'll have highlights from the game later in sports. >>> jerry sandusky faces his sentencing tuesday. the former penn state assistant coach was convicted last spring of 45 child sexual abuse crimes. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. his first stop will be camp hill state prison where he will undergo test comping classification. there are lawsuits also filed by
.m. that will be a high of 60. showers persist right across us. look at this. they're not moving much. the back edge just a little bit starting to pull out to the north and the east. so we'll likely see the showers last for a few more showers. we've seen a lot less in areas of prince william and fauquier counties. still d.c. south and east we're looking at these showers. a few toward olney and rockville over toward ne arundel county and prince george's county we're seeing them. upper marlboro. calvert you're getting in on the action as well as charles and coming out of king george. look at the low 40s west. so very chilly there. we've got 52 on the bay in annapolis. 48 easton and 49 here in d.c. it will be a better afternoon. your high temperature about 60 degrees. let's go to monika samtani at 6:00 ap. she has your timesaver traffic. >>> i want to start out by telling everybody penn line service has been disrupted between martins airport and perryville. you want to keep that in mind for your travel plans. also a pretty serious accident, the cleanup continues in annandale inside the beltway right here at
. howhoward will tell us if we're going to see the sun today. keep it right here on 9news now. >>> welcome back. howard here with your weather first. we're start out with some clouds, fog, even a stray shower. temperatures by lunch time 79. high today could be around 84, 85, maybe 86 with a drive home temp of 83. a slight chance after shower later today as well -- of a shower later today as well. >>> a crash northbound route 1 out of woodbridge in fort belvoir at lorton road tying up the right side. east on 66 and everywhere has to deal with the volume, the fog and the wet pavement. your 66 coming into manassas, delays into centreville and again fair oaks and falls church. your next timesaver traffic at 6:17. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> it is 6:11. the first presidential debate of this campaign season begins in less than 15 hours. it's in denver at 9:00 tonight. >> both major candidates were off the campaign trail on tuesday. they're getting ready for tonight's big debate. >> their running mates were doing the campaign and democrats were trying to fix this gaffe made by vice pr
.m. temperature of 69 degrees. cloudy skies with us. they continue to stream in from the southwest. showers have been persisting along the coastal areas from delaware up toward southern new england now. we've seen some spotty drizzle overnight. you may run into a wet street or to. visibilities, westminster down to a quarter mile. fog on the eastern shore toward salisbury and in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. but we're doing pretty good here except for the chilly temperatures to our northwest like 41 in winchester and cumberland. we start out with temperatures well up in the 50s going into the low 70s. 6:00 a.m. straight up, here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> accident lienup on powder mill road west of the bw parkway. also up in burtonsville, route 198 west of route 29. other than that we're just finding the volume now forming coming in from the west on the inbound side of 66. manassas into centreville. toll road looks great. sterling, herndon, reston all the way through tysons as well. you'll be just final. let's take a live -- just fine. let's take a live look outsi
of clothing to keep us nice and dry. >> reporter: make sure you don't eat all the beef stew. >> when we get hungry, it's hard to keep around. >> reporter: thanks so much nathan at eastern sports in arlington. debra alfarone, 9news. >>> taking his seat right now, howard bernstein. this is the calm before the storm. >> it is the calm before the storm. if you want to take some precautions, kristin fisher has been talking about it. debra alfarone was just talking about it. >> we're not trying to panic people. >> i think we're going to get moderate rainfall out of this, maybe heavy rain. you've got today and tomorrow and even part of sunday if you're west of town to get the lawn furniture inside, the garbage cans. make sure the drains are clear. pick up some of the leaves so they're not clogging the drains. this morning i am going to start off with sandy which is still a hurricane coming out the bahamas this morning. it's raining over much of the southeastern, eastern parts of florida even though the brighter cloud tops are closer to the center of the storm which is normally the case. this storm
flood in 16 years. >> jessica doyle is live in georgetown letting us know what to expect over the next few days. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. i've been fishing for debris here in the george town water front. i just pulled this thing out. massive log. we have an entire half of a tree fleeting around here at the washington harbor right in front of all these businesses here on the george county baert water front. is river is so high and we're not close to high tide here. we have about 4 hours at this point until high tide. by my calculations we're probably looking at this definitely jumping the banks later this morning. what we want to tell you is high tide is about 9:30. we have a flood warning that's been extended for most of the washington area until about 10:30. this is going to continue to be a problem this morning. now, later tonight also there are chances of potential flooding through out the washington area. the major waterways, the shannon doa, the petomic, all of these are being considered possible flood zones. here in george town this could be especially vulnerable
howard's forecast and what change down the road for us? >> a lot will depend on sandy that will pound into jamaica and cuba the next couple of days and heads up the east coast early next week, late in the weekend. today just some clouds blowing this way. some showers in the ohio valley. they'll probably stay west of the mountains. looking at the day planner this morning, we're in for a good looking day with temperatures which will be climbing by lunch time toward the low to mid-70s already after starting out in the 50s and 60s. high of 81 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature with more sunshine this afternoon, 78 degrees. even if we got a sprinkle in a couple of spots this morning, especially in the mountains, that would not be out of the question. you could see the showers in ohio moving into west virginia. this looks worse than it is in northern west virginia. a lot of that is not reaching the ground. maybe most of that is not reaching the ground with temperatures now upper 50s in winchester, cross junction also at 59 degrees from steve there. manassas at 52 with 58 from scott and the gang o
. kristin fisher joins us live from the tellite center with more on their rescue. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. what a relief. you know, these two men had been missing in the back country of glacier national park for four days. and anybody who has been hiking knows that so much can go wrong when you're out in the back country. hypothermia, grizzly bears, getting lost. we still don't know exactly what happened to these to men but that really doesn't matter for this family because all they care about is that their loved ones are coming home safe and sound. now, i want to show you a picture. here we go. this is a picture of one of the men, jason hiser from richmond right after he was rescued around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. this image was posted on a facebook page dedicated to finding him. you can see he looks great. big smile, no injuries. here's a shot of him with his friend and hiking part near neal peckens from herndon. that's neal on the left. jason on the right. the two mehad met at the virginia-maryland regional college of veterinary medicine. over the years they
in a minute with timesaver traffic. first, howard joins us with weather first. >> it's not the prettiest morning by any stretch. it's cool, damp. we have a few showers. temperatures running in the 30s to low 40s. as the day goes on mostly cloudy and probably get to 55 with a little optimism. here's your day planner. i want you to know when you get dressed this morning you'll need a heavy jacket and probably some gloves and something to keep you dry. looks like the showers will be around for a few hours, maybe mid-morning on and off. there are a lot of leaves down from sandy so roads might even be a little slicker than just normal wet roads. at 5:00 after hitting 55, we'll be about 53 degrees. so low 50s as we start the trick-or-treating with a little bit of a breeze, too. snow still falling across parts of pennsylvania and west virginia. we've had 3-foot snow levels in -- snow totals in the high country of west virginia. showers this morning coming out of east and west virginia right in toward hagerstown. a few sprinkles in northwest but lighter showers coming out of fauquier now into pr
we'll stream it on wusa9.com. got to see it. super guy. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. monika samtani is off. beverly farmer will have traffic momentarily. >> right now henry winkler's costar in the weather office howard bernstein. >> i'll take that we have showers especially west of town. cloudy skies in many areas. it's muggy. 67. it's a lot warmer than it has been. 71 by noon. i think the bulk of the showers will be this morning. by the middle of the day a few showers here and there, 71. we finish 75 to 80. might get a couple peaks of sunshine -- peeks of sunshine before the day is over. here's the rain just north and west of d.c. moving from loudoun county into frederick and montgomery county. you see it from silver spring up 270. really coming down in southern and eastern loudoun county and a wet start in frederick and mounairy back to manassas. but south of manassas you'll notice the showers really start to break up and east of 95 not too much to talk about. upper 50s to upper 60s now. just some rain gear. beverly farmer, how is the rain affecting the morning com
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